About us

Applied Risk was founded with one core mission: to secure critical assets in the industrial domain against emergent cyber threats. As a major cyber security player within the Industrial Automation and Process Control field, our primary objective is to offer the most advanced Industrial Control Systems (ICS) security services and technology solutions.

We provide firms from Fortune 500 enterprises to small and medium-sized businesses with the services and solutions that they need to transform the way they procure, build, integrate and manage their critical infrastructures.

The challenge

Industrial Control Systems are now prime targets for cyber attacks, due in large part to the complexity of these environments and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). As such, ICS security requires specific skills and experience beyond traditional IT security.

We recognise the need for a sharp focus on critical infrastructure security at a global level and provide this by delivering proven system security benefits without adversely impacting on production.

We actively participate in a number of major control system security standards committees. The guidance provided by these committees is designed to increase the integrity and confidentiality of all system functions and to help prevent unauthorised control system access.

Our core values

At Applied Risk, all of our decisions are underpinned by four core values. These values define us, influence us and govern our relationships with our clients, partners and colleagues:


The safety of our people and the projects that we deliver comes first. We are continually challenging both ourselves and our partners to create and maintain safe and healthy workplaces.


We are committed to upholding high ethical standards and trust in all our activities. We lead by example and act responsibly towards our customers, partners, colleagues and communities, transforming businesses for the better.

Customer focused

We have built an agile, flexible business culture that focuses on our clients’ needs. We always provide customised solutions, delivered on time and to budget.


We constantly strive to bring innovative and sustainable technology solutions to our customers in order to solve key security and infrastructure challenges.