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Applied Risk assists Asset Owners to develop, deploy and maintain cyber resilient operations using a risk-based approach.

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Helping industrial asset owners to develop cyber resilient production facilities.

As end-to-end industrial cyber security partners, Applied Risk assists Asset Owners at every stage of the process - from procurement and design, all the way to the secure deployment and maintenance and decommissioning of industrial assets.

Our OT cyber security professionals hold extensive cross-sector expertise, with a combined focus in cyber security and engineering. This allows for a comprehensive understanding of handling, testing and making recommendations for live production environments, and knowing the key industry considerations prior to stepping on-site.

As part of our existing long term partnerships, we assist clients in establishing strong OT cyber security frameworks, conduct detailed assessments and provide key recommendations to their organisation with a clear road map to achieve a high standard of cyber security. Look below to find solutions which have most effectively assisted our industrial asset owner partners.

Recommended solutions for asset owners:

EU NIS Directive Services

The EU NIS Directive is being transposed in national laws, and Operators of Essential Services (OES) must comply. The challenge is to use compliance as a tool to create more effective security for your organisation, reducing the risk for unexpected downtime and loss of production. Use Applied Risk’s extensive expertise and broad cross-sector experience to translate complex regulatory compliance requirements into concrete actions that protect your business.

OT Asset Discovery

To safely and effectively reap the full benefits of your Operations Technology (OT) networks, you need a complete overview of your industrial assets. Our OT Asset Discovery is a non-intrusive service that provides an up-to-date and accurate inventory of your critical industrial assets with all known vulnerabilities, without disrupting your operational processes.

Red Team OT Cyber Assessment

If you’re utilising incident response strategies or cyber threat detection technology, you need to be certain they’re robust and effective in the event of an incident. Our Red Team OT Cyber Assessment puts an organisation’s defences through its paces, simulating real-world cyber threats, and reporting back with a comprehensive analysis of gaps in both preventative and detective security controls, along with recommendations for how to remediate.

Building Management System (BMS) Security Assurance

From access control, climate control, ventilation, lighting, surveillance cameras, all the way to fire and safety alarm systems, the systems utilised in today’s buildings are increasingly controlled by internet-connected systems. Our BMS Security Assurance identifies vulnerabilities and helps enhance the cyber security and reliability of complex building management systems.

Industrial IoT Security Assurance

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is becoming a reality in many sectors as devices such as sensors, gateways, processors and actuators continuously communicate with each other through company networks or the internet. As the level of connectivity and potential applications for IIoT grow, so does the need to implement these IIoT in a secure manner to ensure critical assets remain secure and operational. Applied Risk is able to test IIoT devices and implementations in the field, or in a non-production laboratory setting.

OT Security Officer On Demand

Applied Risk’s OT Security Officer On Demand provides you with in-house professional guidance and support to improve the overall cyber security posture of your OT environment. Roles that Applied Risk has the capability to support include ad-interim OT Security Officers, OT Security Program/Project managers, OT Security Technical Authorities, OT Security Consultants or Compliance Officers. We will help your organisation to mitigate business risks and comply with complex regulations.

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Our unique expertise in the field allows us to help at every step in the process - from designing and developing secure industrial facilities to running and maintaining your operations. Let our ICS security professionals assist in enhancing the cyber resilience of your critical production assets.

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