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EU NIS Directive Services.

The EU NIS Directive is being transposed in national laws, and Operators of Essential Services (OES) must comply. The challenge is to use compliance as a tool to create more effective security for your organisation, reducing the risk for unexpected downtime and loss of production. Use Applied Risk’s extensive expertise and broad cross-sector experience to translate complex regulatory compliance requirements into concrete actions that protect your business.

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Use compliance as a tool to drive security improvements.

The NIS Directive is a complex series of requirements which becomes difficult to translate with so many unique industry considerations. We make this process simple, with considerable experience in assisting organisations to close non-compliance gaps across a large range of industries.

If you are situated within the EU, adherence to the NIS Directive is a must. Applied Risk can help ensure that achieving compliance is not just a box-checking exercise, but can be further utilised to vastly drive effective security improvements across your entire organisation.

End-to-end guidance for NIS Directive compliance.

The NIS Directive requires OES to implement technical and organisational security measures to protect the essential service they provide. Using our proven methodology, we assess the degree to which your organisation is compliant with the NIS Directive, and scrutinise your current security frameworks, processes and procedures to ensure requirements are embedded within them. We highlight security gaps which could cause non-compliance, and help remediate shortfalls with a practical toolkit-based approach.

Contact us today to begin your NIS Directive journey with a concrete and clear-cut roadmap to achieve compliance, and ultimately strengthen your OT cyber security posture.

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