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IEC 62443 Conformance Services.

Our IEC 62443 Conformance Services assist the manufacturers of industrial off-the-shelf products to gain recognition for high standards of cyber security and ensure compliance with globally recognised IEC62443 standards in association with ISASecure®.

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Independent evaluation provides actionable insights.

Applied Risk is dedicated to ensuring the highest standard of cyber security robustness within industrial devices. Through a comprehensive and detailed analysis of off-the-shelf industrial automation and control (IAC) products and their security, we provide the insights and recommendations required to meet IEC 62443 certification through ISASecure®.

Upon successfully meeting the security standards, we are able to issue ISASecure® certification for;

  • Component Security Assurance (CSA);
  • System Security Assurance (SSA);
  • Secure Development Lifecycle Assurance (SDLA).

Be certified against globally recognised industrial cyber security standards.

With these certifications, your organisation is able to proudly demonstrate products are free from known vulnerabilities, robust against network attacks and independently evaluated to ensure end users have confidence in the security of critical equipment. Provide customers with the confidence that your products hold the highest level of consideration for their employee's safety within process control environments.

Our OT cyber security professionals hold extensive expertise utilising the IEC 62443 series standards to achieve cyber resilient products and can work closely with your product security teams to ensure products meet certification standards and are secure by design.

Contact us today to understand how your IAC products can achieve alignment against the globally recognised IEC 62443 standards, and benefit from a valued ISASecure® Certification.

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