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Incident Response & Forensics.

A swift response is absolutely critical when your Operations Technology (OT) is facing advanced cyber threats. With large financial, reputational and safety considerations on the line, achieve confidence knowing your organisation is ready to minimise impact to your systems and pick up where you left off.

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Swift Response Time

With dedicated incident responders, we aim to eradicate cyber threats to your operations swiftly to minimise negative business impacts you may be facing.

Extensive Cross-sector Expertise

Well-versed across a huge range of sectors, our OT cyber security professionals understand the critical considerations of your production environment.

Detailed Action Plans

We develop tailored incident response plans so your personnel know exactly how to remediate, with clearly defined roles and responsibilities

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Rapid remediation to safeguard business-critical operations.

Our trained incident responders rapidly identify, contain and eradicate cyber threats to minimise overall business impact, harnessing extensive cyber security experience across a vast range of industrial sectors to act as efficiently as possible. Our response team determines the most appropriate actions to prevent any further intrusion or damage to your affected systems. After enabling your organisation to return to business as usual, our incident responders develop detailed plans to safeguard against future threats based on our findings.

Working side-by-side with our clients, we aim to develop a tailored and effective incident response plan, enabling your team act immediately with defined actions, roles and responsibilities within your organisation. This includes training of security staff and your key stakeholders to understand how to react in this critical time.

Building a solid, long-term relationship and in-depth understanding of your organisation, we act as partners to ensure the swift remediation of the threats your organisation face is of upmost priority. Our early-stage involvement enables our professionals to jump in with pre-established authorisation and immediate executable actions according to planning.

Remote OT Incident Planning

Ensure your organisation is optimally prepared to face an OT cyber security incident. Rapidly understand gaps in incident management policies, validate implemented procedures and test current response measures with remote assistance from our OT security specialists.

On-demand Incident Management

Does your organisation require immediate attention to identify, contain, eradicate, recover and remediate against cyber security threats targeting your critical Operations Technology (OT) systems? Contact our team without delay to minimise disruptions and return to reliable operations as soon as possible.

Active Threat Response Partnership

Prepare your organisation by establishing effective strategies to minimise the impacts of a security incident in advance. Receive expert guidance from a dedicated incident response manager who understands your operational processes, which allows for swift and immediate action when necessary.

Post-incident Forensics

Understanding the events leading up to the security breach is a critical step in the process. This allows your organisation to address the gaps in your security to prevent similar occurrences from disrupting your Operations Technology (OT) systems. Our professionals can assess your post-impact environment, determine the root cause and devise remediation activities to mitigate future risk.

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Our unique expertise in the field allows us to help at every step in the process - from designing and developing secure industrial facilities to running and maintaining your operations. Let our OT cyber security professionals assist in enhancing the cyber resilience of your critical business processes.

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