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Building Management System (BMS) Security Assurance.

From access control, climate control, ventilation, lighting, surveillance cameras, all the way to fire and safety alarm systems, the systems utilised in today’s buildings are increasingly controlled by internet-connected systems. Our BMS Security Assurance identifies vulnerabilities and helps enhance the cyber security and reliability of complex building management systems.

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Ensuring safe and reliable commercial building operations.

Our BMS Security Assurance service helps keep your buildings secure and employees safe. Building management systems are becoming increasingly connected to the internet - with many of those systems not being developed with a great emphasis on cyber security.

Our OT cyber security professionals utilise an elaborate risk model to identify weaknesses in your building's critical power, safety, climate, lighting and water systems. We assess against globally recognised IEC 62443 cyber security standards, allowing your organisation to have confidence in the reliability of your control systems – and keep your business operations running smoothly and safely.

At the forefront of BMS cyber security research.

After conducting intensive research into Building Management Systems and Access Controllers in 2018 and 2019, Applied Risk has identified over one hundred zero-day vulnerabilities in commonly integrated BMS devices, affecting over 2,500 standalone internet-connected buildings worldwide, including hospitals, commercial buildings and more. We leverage our leading research and extensive experience in the field to ensure our clients can benefit, and remain confident their BMS is assessed to the highest standard. This is done through clear and actionable strategies, allowing your building to achieve a strong level of cyber resilience.

For expert assurance that your building management systems and access controllers are safe and cyber resilient, contact us.

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