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Industrial IoT Security Assurance

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is becoming a reality in many sectors as devices such as sensors, gateways, processors and actuators continuously communicate with each other through company networks or the internet. As the level of connectivity and potential applications for IIoT grow, so does the need to implement these IIoT in a secure manner to ensure critical assets remain secure and operational. Applied Risk is able to test IIoT devices and implementations in the field, or in a non-production laboratory setting.

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Have confidence in reliable and secure IoT enabled networks and devices.

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) opens up accelerated business opportunities as a massive 50 billion devices are expected to be connected to the cloud by 2020. It’s key to assess IIoT products for cyber resilience to protect staff safety, infrastructure and profit margins. At Applied Risk, we provide a detailed analysis, clearly actionable recommendations and assurance your connected devices are tested comprehensively for robustness.

Our OT cyber security professionals can take a deep dive into how IIoT devices are configured, their integration within OT networks and how their communication between other devices impacts risk-levels. With extensive experience in implementing globally recognised IEC 62443 standards, we can ensure devices and their implementation aligns with best practice cyber security, with a focus on ensuring a secure development lifecycle for new products, preventing unexpected costs and keeping assets safe and operational.

Securely reap the benefits of Industrial IoT enhanced automation.

Our Industrial IoT Security Assurance services help you understand vulnerabilities within IIoT devices to address gaps in security prior to installation. Our offensive security team provides cyber security assessments for hardware, firmware and application security, as well as robustness testing and static code analysis. With a comprehensive approach, have confidence knowing cyber security of IIoT products receives the attention it requires.

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Our unique expertise in the field allows us to help at every step in the process - from designing and developing secure industrial facilities to running and maintaining your operations. Let our OT cyber security professionals assist in enhancing the cyber resilience of your critical assets.

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