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OT Asset Discovery.

To safely and effectively reap the full benefits of your Operations Technology (OT) networks, you need a complete overview of your industrial assets. Our OT Asset Discovery is a non-intrusive service that provides an up-to-date and accurate inventory of your critical industrial assets with all known vulnerabilities, without disrupting your operational processes.

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Enhanced visibility of your critical industrial assets.

Without having a complete and up-to-date OT asset inventory, it becomes virtually impossible to effectively implement strong cyber security controls.

With our OT Asset Discovery service, you'll receive enhanced visibility of your critical industrial assets - without interruptions to your production processes. Receive a comprehensive mapping of OT devices and networks, allowing you to identify anomalies or suspicious activities and mitigate risk to your operations.

Non-intrusive mapping to enhance cyber resilience and recovery.

As a key element in preparing for and responding to cyber security incidents, holding an up-to-date asset inventory allows your organisation to take swift action, understand affected systems and take remediation actions immediately. This halts unnecessary production downtime and minimises costs associated with loss-of-production.

By safely enumerating your industrial environment with passive technology, our OT cyber security professionals will conduct an analysis against known vulnerabilities, and provide risk-mitigating recommendations to help develop a cyber resilient production environment.

Contact us today discuss how we can help your organisation gain a complete view of your OT assets to aid in strengthening your security and recovery efforts.

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Our unique expertise in the field allows us to help at every step in the process - from designing and developing secure industrial facilities to running and maintaining your operations. Let our OT cyber security professionals assist in enhancing the cyber resilience of your critical assets.

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