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Heightened levels of interconnectivity, driven by business requirements, are now leaving Industrial environments increasingly exposed to costly and dangerous cyber attacks, including Denial of Control (DoC); Loss of Control (LoC); Loss of View (LoV); and Manipulation of View (MoV).

Applied Risk’s primary objective is to ensure the security of critical environments. We take the necessary steps to guard our clients against potentially catastrophic incidents. If not prevented, these can significantly damage an organisation’s reputation and financial wellbeing; as well as impact personnel and the wider environment.

Our international offering encompasses design, engineering, architecture and advanced security testing. We work closely with organisations of all sizes across the Oil & Gas, Power, Water, Chemical, Manufacturing and Pharmaceutical sectors. Our end-to-end delivery of core services across a project lifecycle, combined with extensive in-house engineering expertise, enables us to identify weaknesses within critical environments.

We specialise in ICS/SCADA security assessment, network architecture, security training and threat intelligence. We help asset owners, operators and manufacturers adhere closely to industry laws and regulations while meeting their business objectives. We do this by treating security as a key business enabler and not an obstacle.