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As automotive manufacturers have shifted towards developing increasingly smarter and more efficient vehicles, ensuring strong cyber security is established protects the safety of passengers and the reputation of manufacturers.

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Securing the confidence of smart vehicle users.

The increased benefits of smart automotive technology remain unprecedented and support the raised demand for increased fuel economy, road safety features and comfort for end users.

Alongside the heavily regulated physical safety requirements and testing which is well established in the automotive production industry, in the competitive rush to bring more connected cars to market, it is critical to ensure that manufacturers implement strong OT cyber security practices in the production process of new automotive technology to securely benefit from these enhancements.

Increased passenger safety through OT strong cyber security.

Applied Risk’s OT cyber security professionals can assist during the technology's development to ensure an end user's product is secure by design, or assess the current level of security within automotive systems, allowing manufacturers to address gaps in cyber security and CAN bus vulnerabilities prior to bringing new models to market.

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