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A growing number of patients utilise smart medical devices for advanced treatment and monitoring, whilst medical facilities and patient databases are increasingly managed by sophisticated technology systems. Our mission is to ensure the protection of safety and patient confidentiality within these all-important systems.

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Safeguarding patient safety, confidentiality and confidence in medical technology.

Safeguarding the cyber resilience of healthcare technology such as pacemakers or pumps is critical to the health and wellbeing of millions of people. Patient convenience is greatly enhanced by the expanding use of electronic medical records – yet this necessitates rock-solid security controls to prevent privacy and confidentiality from being compromised.

Medical technology and security experts need to work closely together to ensure that cyber security risks do not counteract the life-enhancing benefits that new technology offers. Applied Risk assists to safeguard hospital networks, IT infrastructure, implantable devices and medical imaging machinery from manipulation, disruption or confidentiality breaches.

Combatting the key security challenges of connected medical facilities and devices.

Data privacy laws and strict FDA requirements place the responsibility on manufacturers to ensure the protection of networks and systems. We work to ensure medical technology is secure by design: developed and manufactured with best-practice security, safety and privacy defences built in from the start of the development, all the way through to deployment and documentation.

Our OT cyber security experts hold the knowledge to assist your organisation in complying with the strict public safety requirements and regulations aimed at protecting patient safety.

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