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Alongside the increasing use of automated machinery and sensors, mining sites and their often remote areas hold unique cyber security requirements, enabling reliable operations and safeguarding staff safety in hazardous environments.

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Benefit securely from cyber resilient mining site automation.

With the introduction of enhanced mining methods, including the use of sensors and predictive maintenance techniques, Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technologies help mining organisations collect and analyse data that can be turned into intelligent insights, enabling more efficient and reliable production.

Safety has been a top priority in the mining industry for many years. Awareness about cyber risk in mining is still relatively low. Assessing and mitigating the threat of cyber incidents will help you keep production running and safely capture the commercial opportunities new technologies offer, even under harsh environments.

An engineering-based approach to safeguarding mining infrastructure.

Applied Risk OT cyber security professionals hold experience with implementing strong cyber security practices with an engineering-focused approach. We can assist in analysing and mitigating cyber risk of connected mining systems, and safeguard the automated methods which support the reliability of your critical infrastructure.

Contact us to discuss how your sites, machinery and automation methods will most efficiently benefit from the implementation of a stronger OT cyber security posture, and appreciate a lowered level of risk to mining operations.

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