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The transport sector is benefiting greatly from connected technologies and real-time cargo tracking in fleets of trains, trucks, vessels, and planes. To take advantage of smart connectivity to the fullest, it’s essential that transport management systems, from sensors embedded within vehicles to control centres and stations, are cyber-resilient.

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Protecting the reliability of our transportation networks.

Maintaining low-risk operations in the transportation sector safeguards passenger and staff safety, profit margins and prevents larger economic disruptions via supply chain delays.

Applied Risk assists organisations in assessing and mitigating cyber risk to their Operations Technology (OT), which stems from our engineering-based approach to cyber security. We understand the architecture used within transportation and logistics networks, components utilised and how to implement best practice security measures to protect connected control systems and encourage reliable business continuity.

Understanding the key considerations of the sector.

Often a complex series of infrastructure, transportation networks are often communicating with technology external to the organisation, interconnecting legacy systems or utilising third-party devices. It is critical to ensure strong cyber security requirements are in outlined for internal practices and utilised in tenders and service agreements, which is driven by the implementation of a strong OT cyber security framework.

Applied Risk can help you get the best out your investments in smart transport management systems. Contact us to discuss how we can help you develop cyber resilient transport operations.

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