Join Applied Risk at the 4th Annual Rail Cyber Security Summit in Amsterdam 19-20 FEB


Join us at the 4th Annual Rail Cyber Security Summit hosted by Cybernate. Our ICS security Consultant Anne Klebsch, will be presenting EU NIS Directive – Achieving Compliance and Maintaining Security

Last year the European Directive on security of network and information systems (NIS Directive) was transposed into local legislation by the European Union. Private or public companies that operate essential services in the transport sector have to take security measures as defined by the country and notify serious cyber incidents to the relevant national authority.

- In this presentation it will be discussed:

- Tips and Tricks to identify the scope of systems, processes and third parties that security requirements of the directive apply to

- How to map existing controls and security measures to the requirements

- How to test and document effectiveness of the controls

- Case study how to prepare for an audit

- How to get organizational support (on all levels) in implementing and maintaining compliance to the Directive and leveraging improvements

See for more information about the summit.