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ICS Cyber Security Essentials Training.

A strong foundation for understanding ICS/SCADA cyber security. Join our comprehensive 2-day training designed to help understand and improve the security of ICS/SCADA environments. Now happening online!

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Essentials training for operations teams.

Securing an ICS/SCADA environment is no easy task. The hardware and software within industrial environments is complex, both in terms of technology and ownership, and this complexity is constantly increasing. The threats are significant, as well as their impact. We therefore recognise the need to better protect this environment. But how do we do that?

This two-day course is designed to help you better understand an ICS environment and improve the security of ICS systems, and is provided in collaboration with our partners at Security Academy.

Course Dates

Online 2-Day training courses

  • Jun 11-12 2020

Courses will be conducted in English - Click here to register.

Who should attend?

The learnings in this course will benefit those engaged with ICS/SCADA cyber security and will form strong foundations for ICS security knowledge, for roles such as; plant owners, system integrators, EPC contractors, SCADA architects, SOC-managers and those responsible ensuring a ICS cyber security.

What are the key benefits?

  • Understand critical aspects of ICS security. Be able to recognise threats to ICS security and learn from real-world incidents.
  • Learn to manage risks. Utilise case studies to understand risks, globally recognised security standards and how to use a Cyber ​​Security Management System (CSMS)
  • Take action. Know what is involved in implementing initiatives to strengthen your organisation’s ICS cyber security posture.
  • Expert instructors. Learn from experienced industrial cyber security professionals with cross-industry backgrounds.

What is the price?

The price per participant is 1.295 excluding VAT and includes access to all learning materials prior to the training.

What is the course format?

The course is delivered online over days with four core modules:

Module 1 – ICS/SCADA Cyber Security Core Knowledge

  • Why is ICS/SCADA security important?
  • What are the threats to ICS/SCADA security?
  • What are the threat vectors in my ICS/SCADA environment?
  • Learning from real-world incidents around the world

Module 2 – Differences in IT & OT Security

  • Features of IT & OT (Cyber Security)
  • Comparing OT security best practices (IEC 62443, ISO 27019, NIST, etc) with IT Security (ISO 27001 etc)
  • Understanding the IEC 62443 Cyber Security standards

Module 3 – Risk Management

  • A risk assessment case study for an ICS/SCADA environment
  • Cyber security for the energy sector
  • International collaboration

Module 4 – How do we protect our ICS/SCADA environment?

  • The general structure of a Cyber ​​Security Management System (CSMS)
  • Reviewing, improving and maintaining the CSMS
  • System architecture, ICS Security Requirements and Testing
  • Cyber ​​Physical Security
  • Security Monitoring

What is required?

You can participate in the ICS / SCADA Security Essentials course without any prior knowledge.

Why Applied Risk?

Our expert team of OT cyber security specialists are the trusted partners for critical infrastructures around the world. The goal of this training is to provide participants with the insights from our experiences and to provide them with the confidence to take action within their own organisations.

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