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Online OT Cyber Awareness Training.

Effectively train key staff to recognise and reduce cyber risk against your Operations Technology (OT) through a convenient online training program.

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The foundation of an effective OT cyber security strategy.

Our Online OT Cyber Awareness Training is an engaging way to enable operators and engineers within your organisation to behave securely and understand how to respond to suspicious activity immediately. Providing this course to your staff is a great way to demonstrate your organisation’s commitment to building a cyber-secure culture.

Key course takeaways

  • A solid foundation for OT Cyber Security knowledge aimed to make staff aware, comprehend and think critically about cyber security
  • Understand the importance of security requirements for both greenfield and brownfield environments
  • Learn memorable cyber security rules to keep operations safe, secure and resilient in a cost-effective manner

Who is this course for?

The Online OT Cyber Awareness Training is designed to educate staff of all knowledge levels, helping them understand how their behaviours impact security. The different modules provide easy risk reduction techniques which can be utilised on a day-to-day basis.

The course content is geared towards staff who have an active role within industrial environments, and can be customised to cater to production operators and engineers, facility management and executives.

Flexible online modules to accommodate busy schedules.

Comprising of interactive modules, it can be conveniently accommodated within your organisation’s work schedules and can be stopped and restarted at the employee’s convenience. Available in multiple languages, it integrates into common learning management systems and can be customised to meet your organisation’s specific content and branding requirements.

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    Operational Track

    Awareness training specifically targeted to ICS/SCADA system operators and engineers, allowing those who access, implement and maintain production assets on a daily basis to understand and reduce the cyber risk associated with their behavior.

    Specialist Track

    An online training session designed for those responsible for operational cyber security to understand secure design practices and to learn defensive measures to enable a cyber resilient OT environment.

    Management Track

    Targeted towards management, this session helps team leaders understand the cyber risks associated with their day-to-day behavior, and how they can actively reduce the level of risk to operational activities.

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