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Luke Vogelaar

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Applied Risk releases The State of Industrial Cyber Security 2019

Luke Vogelaar

Product Development Manager

Applied Risk has released The State of Industrial Cyber Security 2019, a report analysing the trends and risks for industrial cyber security, and providing recommendations to safeguard the critical infrastructure our society depends on.

Findings conclude that the basics of cyber security are still not being practised regularly and that new cyber security risks are emerging as growing numbers of untested technologies are continuously being integrated within critical infrastructures.

Awareness of OT and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) security has been growing, partly fuelled by increasing pressure from regulators across the world and increasing occurrences of cyber incidents within industrial facilities, the report says. Yet despite that greater awareness, new technologies are still regularly developed and deployed in a way that prioritises speed to market and price sensitivity over key security considerations.

The State of Industrial Cyber Security Report 2019 explores current trends and recommendations, including key technical and procedural areas to address to enhance the security and resilience of critical industrial assets. This is based on cyber security activities conducted in critical infrastructures around the world, including sectors such as oil and gas, power, chemicals, manufacturing, water management, pharmaceuticals and maritime. Through this experience, it combines research, insights and actionable best practices from Applied Risk’s industrial cyber security team.

“The report is designed to help those who manage Operational Technology (OT) environments to do just that,” says Jalal Bouhdada, founder and CEO of Applied Risk. “The clear message is that cyber security can no longer be treated as an afterthought within industrial environments. Organisations need to put it at the heart of their culture. That way, they can mitigate the risk of operational, financial and reputational damage and safely harness the huge opportunities of digitalisation.”

Click The State of Industrial Cyber Security 2019 to read the full report.

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