ICS Cyber Security Awareness Training

Our ICS Cyber Security Awareness Training will empower your employees. We provide the security know-how to help protect your business against increasingly prevalent security risks and compliance mismanagement.

The online Security Awareness Course for Industrial Control Systems (ICS) is designed to address the core concerns of engineering professionals. The content can be customised to meet your organisation’s specific requirements.

Your staff handle sensitive data and interact with critical process control and industrial automation systems on an everyday basis. It is essential to ensure that all personnel fully comprehend the security risks relevant to their duties. This is fundamental to the safe and reliable continuation of your organisation’s daily operations.

Focused training and awareness helps to ensure your employees better understand today’s emerging threats. The risks of security breaches are increasing for Industrial Control Systems. Production continuity; loss or damage of assets; fatalities or injuries and environmental damage are all potential consequences that are of utmost importance to prevent.