Embedded Security Assessment

The Industrial Internet of Things revolution requires devices to be connected in order to communicate sensitive information. From Safety Critical Systems, Industrial Devices through to Consumer Products, a security breach could cost a company its reputation or could even lead to the loss of life.

Against this backdrop, Embedded Security needs to become a vital component of any new embedded product. In many cases, it needs to be retro-fitted to existing systems.

Applied Risk offers a variety of security services for embedded systems, tailored to meet the needs of manufacturers and end users. This enables existing software packages to provide additional levels of security.

To aid our customers in understanding and implementing security for an embedded system, we provide an in-depth security assessment to address risks and threats at device level. By conducting embedded security assessment, you will:

  • Understand any vulnerabilities within a device in relation to specific operational environments
  • Eliminate weak entry points early in the product development lifecycle to guard against attack
  • Enhance device security, in the process increasing business resilience
  • Comply with international standards (IEC 62443) and industry best practices
  • Maintain market position and protect brand reputation by reducing vulnerabilities in new products
  • Eliminate unforeseen costs and public embarrassments caused by public vulnerability disclosure.

Every individual organisation has unique security requirements, Contact Us to be provided with information tailored to your specific industry and facilities.