Medical Devices Security Assessment

Medical devices are opening up new possibilities for patients and providers. However new risks are also being introduced to patient safety, data privacy, and intellectual property protection. Medical device manufacturers need to adequately anticipate and mitigate the safety, security, and business risks that come with connected medical devices.

It is imperative to understand the security of products with advanced communication capabilities. We take risk scenarios and validate our assumptions by assessing the security of the devices in question.

Many medical devices contain configurable embedded computer systems that can be vulnerable to cyber security breaches. In addition, as medical devices are increasingly interconnected, via the internet, hospital networks, other medical devices and smartphones, there is an increased risk of cyber security breaches, which could affect how a medical device operates.- Source: FDA Safety Communication: Cyber security for Medical Devices and Hospital Networks (06/13/2013)

Medical device manufacturers increase the safety and reliability of their products and reduce the potential consequences associated with unplanned system failure by working with us. Our assessment methodologies measure and improve the security of:

  • Implantable devices, including pumps and cardiac devices
  • Telemedicine devices used for remote health monitoring
  • Medical imaging and storage devices
  • Specialised devices used for specific medical procedures.

Every individual organisation has unique security requirements, Contact Us to be provided with information tailored to your specific facilities.